Jazz guitarist Osman Arif from Indonesia and his regular singer Sylvia van Santen
let likes be surrounded by jazz musicians who play Jazz on the highest level.
Recently, they have also released a CD with Hans Mantel on bass,
Joost Kesselaar Stevens Hupkens on drums and piano,
all musicians who are known to the Dutch conservatories.

Soon a new CD with Steven Hupkens on the piano Rico Jeer on bass, Gunnar Graafmans on drums, Sylvia van Santen Osman Arif singing on guitar.

Osman Arif studied with Wim Overgaauw at the Hilversum Conservatory
the Schumann Academy in Zwolle.
He studied choral conducting with Charles Cook Schagen.
He performs regularly with conservatory-trained jazz musicians such as:
Hans Mantel, Joost Kesselaar, Bunch Nick, Steven Hupkens, Rico Jeer,
Tom Kwakernaat and many others.

Sylvia van Santen studied with Tom de Graaf singing pedagogue from Schagen.
She also studied with Maria Rondel Zangpedagoge partly ‘t Conservatory of Alkmaar
partly through private lessons at her home.
Sylvia also had lessons from Jazz singer Deborah J. Carter in America.
Furthermore, she has trained as a pianist at the conservatory level at Osman Arif and has its own jazz quintet with Arif Osman from 2003.
From 1991 made Sylvia van Santen part of the Show Orchestra “The Ricardo’s” in Zaandam.
Known from radio and regional TV Utrecht.
Right now she has her own jazz quintet with Arif Osman.